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Sensory Integration Profiling Assessment

An assessment for accurate sensory input processing and regulation

  • 1 hour
  • 3,500 Indian rupees
  • La Ratan Lane

Service Description

Sensory Processing and Modulation Evaluation - Studies have shown that persons with autism are slower to integrate inputs coming in from their senses, making their processing speed much slower. Children with autism lack the appropriate filters to screen out irrelevant information and this can cause meltdown as each input builds and builds without being filtered out appropriately. • Sensory overload can present itself in many ways, such as challenging behavior, withdrawal, and complete shutdown. • Sensory Evaluation involves observations of the Unique set of sensory needs that every child has and understanding how and what may alter these so that the intervention can be designed to help the child modulate and process sensory information better. • It will assess multiple sensory processing, the effect of sensory processing on Modulation, Emotions, and Behaviors, and mainly social response/outcomes. Image Credit: Photo by jonas mohamadi from Pexels

Contact Details

  • Brainability International Autism Treatment and Autism Therapy Center Baner Pune, Brainability International Autism Treatment and Therapy Center Chandrabhaga, La Ratan Lane, Baner, Pune, Maharashtra, India

    097644 42991

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