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Your Autism Treatment Related Questions, Answered for You

How can BrainAbility International Autism treatment center help my child on the Autism Spectrum or with other Special needs?

Brainability International offers a wide range of scientific and research-backed effective interventions available for children under the age of 12. Our holistic patent pending Integrated Autism treatment Program is individually tailored. It is based on a comprehensive clinical assessment to address the developmental delays in children with neurodevelopmental delays and disabilities. The program focuses on considerable improvement in children using cutting edge technology and intervention modalities sourced and practiced from the US, UK , Australia and India. The program is deeply scientific in its approach towards improving the quality of life of children with special needs.

What are the Different Therapies available at Brainability?

Since Autism is like a hologram for comorbid conditions, we have a host of therapies and interventions. However, we know that not all children require all therapies. Our program is tailored for your child needs and challenges, which become clear after a thorough comprehensive clinical assessment we do at the beginning of every Childs journey with us.

If you would still like to know all the services available with us you can click the following link to find out about all the services we offer

How long will my child's intervention program last?

The program timeline varies on a case by case basis. The duration of the program is dependent on the developmental delay, quantum, and kind of interventions needed. As you can appreciate there isn’t a golden number to this question. Although, typically positive improvements are visible in 4 to 6 weeks of starting the intervention.

Can I choose which therapies/Interventions my child gets?

When you bring your child to us, the first step we take is to establish the developmental delay in key facets for leading an independent life. This is achieved using tests that are approved by the Government of India. Once done we share the report with you. The report identifies ‘deficit areas’ and recommended treatment plans. Based on this report we recommend the most appropriate interventions for your child. Then we can mutually agree on the Interventions to start with.

Can I choose the number of sessions and frequency ?

For a treatment to be effective a certain number of therapies are required to be administered. For different kinds of therapies, the number of sessions needed varies. So it may be possible to choose but it varies depending on your child’s case and his/her clinical needs.

How much do the therapies/intervention cost ?

For costs of Assessment and different Interventions, please give us a call on 0091 976 444 2991 between 9am -6pm Monday to Saturday or leave us your details and we will call you!

When are the Therapy charges due and how do I make the payment

At BrainAbility we ensure that the therapists are available when we promise a certain number of therapy ‘slots’ (a slot is a therapy session and usually lasts 45 minutes). In order to do so we book our therapists time for your child in advance of the month beginning.

Hence the monthly therapy booking charges are due on the last working day of the preceding month. For example therapy booking charges for the month of February are due on the last working day of January.

All payments are to be made into BrainAbility International’s bank account. The account details can be obtained from the office. We also have GPay, UPI, PayTM and Card payment facility at the center.

Can I get the same therapies at Home?

Most of our Therapies you can get even in the comfort of your home. We ensure that the quality of our Home Therapies and Center based therapies are consistent. In fact we have seen quicker improvements in children doing home therapies as it reduces the Childs anxiety levels in the comfort of their home and it helps our therapist to build a rapport and work with your child more efficiently and effectively. However, there may be some exceptions to the therapies available at home, for details please speak to us.

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I am not based in Pune so can I avail your treatment or do you have any Parent Training Program for out of towners?

Yes, to both the questions.

a) We have Online sessions for many of our interventions which are being administered online for children, all over India and internationally as well, especially during this Pandemic. 

b) From time to time we do hold Open workshops on a number of topics for parents and professionals. Our Parent Training Program will also being launched soon, so leave your details above and we shall let you know! The details are usually posted on our Facebook page as well as emailed to parents who are registered with us.

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