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Did you have loads of problems in school because you could not relate to what the teacher was teaching ? Did you live inside your head, a world of your own, instead? Did you feel like an alien, out of place in almost every place?


Or maybe you could not maintain friendships, because you could not express your emotions in words nor keep in touch as frequently as friends wanted you to? Do you panic when you have to step out and meet or interact with people? Do you resign from jobs, though you are the best at what you, because you suck at building relationships nor understand workplace politics and end up saying things without thinking them through? When you start to get interested in something does that become an obsession most times making you forget you have to eat?  


Well, Welcome to my world!

I am Autistic and until my son, at 3 was diagnosed with moderate Autism, I did not know I had it too! I always thought I was born weird! But turns out I was an undiagnosed Asperger's with dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia to add insult to injury!! I couldn't read, write or understand Math, till I was almost in College!


You must be wondering what I did in school! Well I do that sometimes too!


However, 35+ yrs ago schools were less competitive and most schools had not even heard of Autism/Asperger's/PDD/ADHD, inclusive education, etc. Most people, including my relatives would have thought (probably still think) I was just plain and stupid.


However my father thought it was just a matter of repeatedly learning something, so he made me study the same things repeatedly like a 100 times in a variety of ways  (Kind of like ABA does, but I personally think my Dads method was better as it included multisensorial learning). By end of my fathers tutoring, I could parrot out most things but I wouldn't necessarily know the meaning or the context! Thus, I trundled through school mostly with pass marks enough to get into the next class!


My grandfather, however, was a different story! He was my therapist, my knight, my storyteller, my magician, my friend, my playmate, etc. With patience, love, care and understanding through what we know today as Play/Engagement Therapy and other techniques, my grandfather helped me learn about this scary, overwhelming, not so understanding world. Whatever I am, I owe him 90% of my success because he made my foundations strong, the rest 10% is for my perseverance which I was born with so for that I am thankful to GOD, that I was born Autistic! 


Because of him, I am a double Masters with the third one on its way and I believe I am a Good Samaritan too.  And the Strong Foundation is what is needed for all children including the ones on the Autism Spectrum, to grow into Beautiful, Resilient, Intelligent, and Caring human beings that they all are meant to be!

That's how BrainAbility was born...to  ensure all special children get a strong foundation and to build a Community that cares!!