Hide and Seek

Diagnosis and Treatment Options

We don't paint every child with the same brush. Because no two children, whether they have autism or not, have the same challenges.

Although there is no cure for autism, you can manage it and make it easier for the child to navigate this world. There is a range of interventions, therapies and approaches that can make your child’s life more bearable including VBA Therapy, Reflex Integration, Sensory Integration, technology interventions for inducing Speech and reducing Anxiety, and increasing Focus and attention without severe side effects as with traditional Medication like Sizodon. 


Autism usually comes wrapped with several comorbidities, it is important not to treat every child with the same treatment. We believe Short term pain for Longer-term gain, so we take some time to understand the underlying challenges and comorbidities and then use targeted treatments which will ensure consistent and effective improvements. 

Again, to be fair, this is not an exact science, and though we have seen many kids have overcome as much as 80% of Autism challenges in 12-14 months, there are several who even after improvements have regressed again.

The Main point for Parents to remember is that you are your Child's only Champions!! Others like doctors, therapists and teachers will come and go but you have to ensure consistency in your child's progress is maintained through therapies and interventions till your child can do things independently.