There are many treatments for Autism, but there is no cure as it is not a disease. No single or stand alone treatment that can alleviate the core symptoms of autism either. However, there are Therapies and Nutrition that can have a significant positive impact on children —as well as therapies and medications that can actually cause harm. Without holistic assessment starting any therapy will yield less than great or worse no improvements at all. 

Children with Autism are best served by therapies (like at BrainAbility) that are based on scientific research, have clear goals and milestones, is provided intensively not just once a week where the child need to be engaged positively so the child looks forward to therapy, provided by a qualified therapist who can form a bond with not just the child but also the parents, and lastly addresses the core challenges like registration and attention issues, mood regulation, social skills, play skills, pre-linguistic skills, sensory dysfunction, and emotional regulation, Communication (both verbal and non-verbal), and physical challenges. 

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