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“@BrainAbility, we are all about helping, building skills and nurturing children on Autism Spectrum Disorder! We have found that ‘Learning Differently requires Teaching Differently”. Therefore we developed our multi-faceted Autism treatment protocol based on extensive research on established mechanisms of emotional concepts, cognition and memory with a focus on the course of post-conditioning of learning processes as well as cellular mechanisms of cumulative learning. ”  

- Devyna Lembard, August 2018

Devyna Lembard

Founder & CEO

Devyna Lembard built her career in Psychology with a focus on Training and Development. She has over 18 years of experience, as Business Leader and Performance Consultant with world-leading Multinationals like Barclays Bank, National Australia Banking Group, UnitedHealth Group And Centrica Plc, and finally Founded BrainAbility International for Autism Treatment.


She has Multiple Master’s degrees in Philosophy, Counselling and Family Therapy (India) and M.B.A (UK)  and Several Add-on Certifications in Child & Brain Development Nutrition (UK), Sensory Integration, Therapeutic Listening, Brain Balance Program, Neural Fine-Tuning for Learning and Praxis Difficulties, Brain Gym, and is an active member of Royal College of Occupational Therapists (UK), Sensory Integration Education (UK) and Vital Links(US), Health Sciences Academy (UK) and AFN.


​Devyna has always been intrigued by the unique qualities of each person. Being such a keen observer of other people’s strengths, she understands how to draw out the best in each person. She has over 10000+ hours of Intervention Experience especially In Sensory Integration with Therapeutic Listening programmes, Visual and Vestibular interventions, Engagement Therapy and Over 150 Clients enrolled in Autism as well as Fertility Nutrition Programs in the last 3 years with excellent results.

She is currently doing research on Visual Perceptual challenges in autistic children and their impact on their future academic learning ability.


Renny Lembard

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Known as a ‘soothsayer’, and visionary leader who while ensuring changes to suit the present keeps smoothening the path for the future and can influence & initiate progress and ensure success. Renny is highly experienced and creative in organisations and business cost transformations, having led board-level consultancy assignments to enhance performance and define and drive Service Excellence Culture. Renny holds a MBA degree from University of Aberdeen, UK. He has held leadership roles in various Organizations such as Flipkart, TripAdvisor, British Gas, Clydesdale Bank etc. Renny's Career for over 18 years has been focuses on the areas of leadership, team and board effectiveness, organisational transformation and culture change. 


Renny is a trained Play Therapist from the US. He is undertaking doctoral level Independent research on Autism and Employability. He co-founded BrainAbility with the same passion and zest for bringing Quality and well-researched effective interventions for children on the Autism Spectrum. 


BrainAbility is a team of multidisciplinary professionals who put rehabilitation of children on the Autism spectrum at the heart of everything we do. I am honored and privileged to work with such a fantastic team that brings a lot of passion, love and adventure, every day!"


- Renny Lembard, January 2019. 


“I am delighted to serve in a business advisory capacity to BrainAbility International. I have seen the passion that Renny and Devyna have for having a positive impact on children on the autistic spectrum.  BrainAbility has achieved a lot already and will achieve more”  


- Russell Williams, August 2020. 

Russell Williams


University of Aberdeen (Qatar Campus)

An experienced academic, trainer and researcher, Russell has held a number of leadership roles in the University of Aberdeen Business School including Director of the Graduate Business School, Director of External Programs, and Programme Director for the MBA.

His teaching and research has spanned a number of subject areas including marketing, digital marketing, leadership and project management. Russell has published widely across a range of journals including: Marketing Intelligence and Planning, Management Decision, Managerial Auditing Journal, Organization Development, Management Decision, Journal of Electronic Commerce Research, International Journal of Technology & Human Interaction etc. Outside of academia Russell was involved in two Internet start-ups at the turn of the millennium and a micro-brewery. He also serves as a business mentor for start-ups.

Russell met Renny and Devyna when they studied for their MBA at the University of Aberdeen as the then MBA Programme Director and teaching them on their MBA Strategic Marketing module. Russell stayed in touch with Renny and Devyna, following them in them their post-MBA corporate careers up until starting BrainAbility International. He first visited BrainAbility in India in 2020.  

Dr. Lyn Batchelor

Director of Studies

University of Aberdeen (Qatar Campus)

Dr Lyn Batchelor has worked with more than 500 start-up and growing businesses in Scotland, England, and Europe as an enterprise educator at UK universities, and as part of European Funding Council initiatives for the private and charity sectors in the UK, Austria, Norway, Spain, Italy and Brussels. She is currently Director of Studies for the Qatar Campus, University of Aberdeen.


Lyn began teaching business start-up and business growth strategy courses “through” entrepreneurship at the University of Aberdeen in 2007 as well as leading the MBA Leadership Course, and the MSc Management, Innovation and Change Programme. She re-joined Aberdeen in 2020. 


In the time between, Lyn worked at the University of Chichester as the first enterprise academic, and helped secure funding, design and deliver business start-up and growth programmes for economic regeneration on the South Coast. She returned to Scotland and spent three years as the Head of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Edinburgh Napier University Business School. Lyn’s research is eclectic but at its heart is an interest in the way people “fit” into organisations and places, and how we shape them in the way we talk about what we do, i.e., our narratives of identity. She has taught “plain English” to international lawyers for several years. This can be easily linked to her first career as a photojournalist in her native Australia. Lyn also ran businesses before becoming an academic.

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“Since our first meeting in the MBA Leadership course at the beginning of their time at the University of Aberdeen, it was clear that Renny and Devyna were consciously learning at every step of their journey. It’s evident that they have arrived. I am pleased to join the Advisory Board of BrainAbility and support their passion for education and transformation through therapy” 


~ Dr Lyn Batchelor, August 2021


"Each life will finds a way to express itself and the sole reason of existence is evolution. There lies the goal of life with no beginning or end. It starts with awe and wonder with childlike innocence and purity and evolves by discovering the mysteries of universe (Brahmand). Some mysteries may express while others remain hidden from our view.

Each child is a universe in himself (or her) waiting to be explored and experienced. BrainAbility International is attempting to help families find solutions to some of the mysteries of brain with scientific methods and structured program. Scientific methods may be limited by objective elements, which need to be complemented by subjective perception and human touch and calls for substantial participation from parents and therapists. In the end, everyone evolves; the child, parents and therapist alike.  BrainAbility International is aiming to do the same.

It is a great initiative by Renny and Devyna in the service of humanity. I wish them great success in their endeavor."


Maj Gen (Dr) Vijay Saraswat (Retd) - August 2021

Maj Gen (Dr) Vijay Saraswat (Retd)

Chief Operating Office

Rajasthan Hospital Limited - Jaipur

Major General (Dr) Vijay Saraswat retired as the Assistant Chief of Integrated Medical staff in 2013. He is a veteran having spent over 37 years of his career in the medical establishments of the Indian Armed forces. In previous roles, he also served as the Dean of the Armed Forces Medical College and even taught as a professor in AFMC.


Throughout his career, he has worn many hats in the Indian Armed Forces Medical Team, from being a Commandant (Director) in J&K even in hostile conditions to a Deputy Principal Medical Officer in the Indian Air Force.


Dr. Saraswat is now retired but he is still very much part of the medical field. Since his retirement, he first headed the Apollo Hospitals Nashik as its Chief Operating Officer, and now after successfully streamlining the processes and accrediting it to NABH, has taken up another Greenfield Project in Jaipur, Rajasthan Hospital Limited.


Dr. Saraswat is an avid reader (at least an hour a day) and his most favorite pastime since retirement is to weave imaginative stories for his grandson!