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Brain Healing Nutrition for your child

The emergence of Nutritional Science for prevention and maintenance rather than cure only

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Service Description

Of vital importance in the treatment of autism, is an early diagnosis which is conducive to more rapidly improving the quality of patients' health. It is believed that both genetic and environmental factors may affect the development of the disease. Moreover, the expert opinion emphasises the importance of making an adequate diagnosis when the first symptoms of autism start appearing which can be both psychological, gastro-intestinal and metabolic ones. Conventional treatment is based on the combination of behavioural and Nutrition therapy together. It can be concluded that gaps in nutrition and other environmental influencers might trigger an unstable base of genetic predisposition, which may lead to the development of autism, at least in a subset of ASD patients. A holistic approach to Nutrition, behavioural and developmental therapies combined with technological advances in brain development and stimulation can help children with ASD overcome the gaps in their development.