Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental disability. It commonly presents in early childhood, however, some individuals may not be diagnosed until later. ASD is a continuum, some individuals may have a mild presentation, living independent lives, and others may have more severe disabilities requiring continued support and care.

At BrainAbility, we have dedicated our efforts to helping children with all types of autism. As the therapists at our Centres see children from all over the country, and overseas, they have the knowledge and experience to help you and your child. Our Exclusive services are not only scientific and evidence-based but they are utilising cutting-edge technologies to help provide faster and more effective improvements in Children than ever before. Many of our exclusive services are only available in Brainability centres in India.

  • Our qualified therapists have the time to explain your child’s condition and their presenting problems.

  • We have the time to fully assess your child through play and work around your daily routine.

  • Your child’s assessment and Therapy Programme shall be tailored to their individual needs and your daily routine as a family.

  • We are your advocate and are always here for support and ongoing care.

Quantum Reflex Integration

This technology, developed by Bonnie Brandes uses low-level lasers on the head and body, which according to Harvard Medical School research, can grow new neural stem cells through the hypothermic effect created by the laser. At Brainability, results have been seen on EEGs in as little as 10 session.. 


Trans-auricular Vagus Stimulation

Several evidence-based research have clearly state that taVNS can activate the brain regions associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), trigger neuroimmune modulation and produce treatment effects for comorbid disorders of ASD. At Brainability, we have seen dramatic changes in children within 8 weeks of consistent neuromodulation, especially in Moderate and severe autism.