Just like any ailment requires consistent and effective treatment,
so does

With 35000+ hours of intervention experience, we delivered excellent results even during lockdown with utmost care!





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We started the therapies for my son Girish with BrainAbility in month of January,21. Initially we had detailed assessment and based on the report they recommended different therapies for him. Before starting here we had multiple issues with him auditory, behavioral, sensory , need base communication and so on. After few days of therapies we started noticing improvement in Girish. His behavioral issues gone down by greater extent, his awareness increased, he is more vocal, trying to communicate, asking for things, telling preference, playing with toys, engaging himself in a play, became more social and so on. It opened the avenues for him to develop thing's. Overall he is on growth track and improving day by day.

We also started nutrition therapy which has helped to overcome his digestive issues, absorbing nutrition, his food reactions have gone down for certain foods, his muscle tone have improved and his confidence have boosted.

The credit goes to Renny sir, Devyna mam and all the staff. Kudos to them. They are running the center with utmost care and attention. They treat every child with affection and try to understand the problem to solve it. They are very cooperative, always listens to us patiently and guide where ever required. We are delighted to have them in this journey.

Am sure with their support Girish will overcome all his challenges in no time... way to go..

I must recommend the center to many other parents who are looking to support their kids in better way..

Ms Agarwal

If you are someone who is looking for a reliable treatment for your child, trust me Brain Ability Centre should be your go to place.
(Putting down my experience below)

6 months back, we came across Brain Ability from a google source.
Alike most of us me and mom too were confused of the new concept they put forward of TaVNS and Forebrain. But They made us understand why is it important/how will it work and all of it's benefits.
Once we cleared out all our doubts we went ahead with them.
In just a few weeks we saw noticeable changes in my younger brother, he had started interacting with us, making eye contact and also small gesture which he couldn't do at all.
Today it's been 6 months for him here, and the improvements we can see in him are heart warming. We always wanted to see them and now we can!!
He speaks words, interacts willingly, and his sensory issues have also improved.
There are so many positive changes we can see from the time we started till today.
Coming to the staff, they are extremely helpful and patient throughout, they take weekly/monthly report of your child and personally keep an eye of each and every session which is been taken.
Lastly, Thank you Brain Ability for the immense faith and support you show to special need children, I am glad I came across you.

Mrs Pereira

When our son was 19 months he was diagnosed with autism. After learning what autism is, saying that we were living in a never ending nightmare would be an understatement. While every Dr we spoke with said it's a good thing we got diagnosed early on. Getting the right treatment early on was very crucial. We started speech therapy and occupational therapy at KEM hospital for 3 months but we did not see any improvement neither were the therapist able to answer most of questions after that we tried private for 3 months but we still did not see any improvement.

While searching on Google I came across brain ability center. The next day I called the center I spoke with Devyna. I spoke with her for 45 mins she answered every question I had which other Dr and therapist didn't have a clue about.

We started our sons session when he was 25 months within 2 months we saw a lot of improvement. His flapping of hands reduced. Walking on toes reduced. His eye contact improved. He now seems to understand a little as to what we are trying to tell him.

While identifying autism early on is important getting the right treatment is crucial. That said you won't find a more helpful and professional place than brain ability center. Its a place that gives me hope for my son's future.

Thank you for running such a wonderful center.


What We Do


STEP 1: 










For children with development disorders, early intervention with the help of professional expertise and guidance can play a impactful part in overcoming many  challenges and in recovery of many of the comorbidities. Consultation is an opportunity for us to meet the child understand some of the challenges parents have discovered and what your wants, along with possible challenges, so that we can tailor our programs to achieve the near-perfect end result. Treatments cannot work in DIY way though they may look very easy or simple to accomplish at home. Hence consulting an expert for your child is a must!

Therapy and Treatment Services

We offer a wide variety of intervention services to cater to the needs of our families and children. Our wide panel of experts can meet all the intervention requirements. Some of these programs are:

  • Speech and language 

  • Active Recall and Cognition

  • Motor Development 

  • Auditory and Visual Integration

  • Sensory Integration

  • Verbal Behaviour Protocol (VB-Mapp)

  • Resilience and Rational Emotional Protocol

  • Resetting the Central Nervous System

  • Dance and Movement Therapy

  • Technology Assisted therapies (US FDA Approved)

  • Physiotherapy 

  • CBT (Cognitive Therapy)

  • Social emotional relational

  • Executive Functioning 

  • Awareness and Cognitive Emotional Therapy

Parent Counselling

Raising a child with developmental delays can be one of the most rewarding yet it can be an emotional and physical rollercoaster experiences. Most parents and other siblings can find it difficult to come to terms with a child with neurodevelopmental disorder, especially because it isn't a disease and overall the child seems just like any other. Its situation like these that counseling can be remarkably beneficial to help the family through the grief and trauma process. Counselling can help parents with emotional turmoil of the diagnosis and related anxieties, social relationships, low self-esteem, and acceptance amongst other things.

Workshops and Training Programs

Parents can learn the some of the necessary skills to become therapeutic agents in their children’s lives, filial therapy incorporates family members as agents of change, offering a unique outlook on the therapy process. Our BAI Trained Professionals educate primary caregivers in the methods and then provide supervision and guidance as families begin to navigate and resolve challenges. Childhood therapies accompanied with parent training can create impactful differences in mitigating any deficits in physical, adaptive, social emotional, cognitive and communication. This increases the chance of


 Therapy and Brain Development in Motion