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Autism is treatable, We Know with 20000+ Hours of World Class Interventions delivered

Why parents Choose and Love BrainAbility 

Dr Aridhita (Mumbai)

Before I started Brain Ability, my son’s anxiety and hyperactivity was at the peak. After taking consultation from BrainAbility International, his anxiety decreased and he has become socially more interactive.


Experts from Brain Ability International helped me with biomedical intervention and sensory integration program in home-based therapy of my son. With every month of program of BrainAbility, my son has shown progress in his listening and became more verbal. His expression is increasing every day.

My best wishes to Brain Ability International for its endeavor of helping more parents in their ASD journey.


BrainAbility Treatment Brain Impact Map

Brain is the most important organ in the Human Body, not because of intelligence and cognition is "up" there but because like CPU is to a Computer, our Brain is the Central Processing Unit of all that makes us Human including emotions like love, hate, curiosity, anger, empathy, etc.

This Vital Processing Unit, faces major challenges in an Autistic Brain. We have developed the most a holistic Program that helps overcome many roadblocks of AUTISM, in almost all important areas of the Brain. 

Combining cutting edge technologies and most sophisticated  treatments and instruments like Pioneering Nutrition Therapy, AI, Forbrain, Therapeutic Listening, Neurofeedback combined with Excellent science based Integrative Therapies, this Brain Impact Map shows the areas that improve with our Protocol!

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